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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fiscal Fracas: The Austan Goolsbee Trilogy

In light of the pervasive discourse over our country's fiscal policy, I am republishing three articles I wrote earlier this year and posted on my web site. The first was prompted by a bunch of stuff Austan Goolsbee said during his May 18, 2011 appearance on The Colbert Report. I wrote a follow-up column after watching Colbert's “unedited, extended interview” with Goolsbee online. Then, somebody posted a comment to that column under the name “GladYouWrote”, and I noticed that (s)he sounded a lot more erudite than Austan Goolsbee, so I posted a lengthy reply to his/her comment.
Hopefully those of you who haven't seen these posts before will find them interesting and informative. I also hope you'll share them with people who need to learn more about our fiscal situation.

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