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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remains of the Day: 8/18/2011

  • One of my recent YouTube videos has already gotten over 100 views. It's only the second one to reach that mark. What's even more impressive is that, as of the time I am writing this, 35 comments have been posted on it. Some of those were me replying to other comments, but most of them are from people I've never heard from before who somehow found my video. That's pretty cool, I think.

  • Is it too much to ask that we have one presidential candidate who's charismatic and can really energize a crowd without making a gaffe a day?

  • Warren Buffett says he should pay more in federal taxes. I wish that I was paying more in federal income taxes, because it would mean that I actually had an income.

  • I'll start my 7th Quarter of law school (6th as a full-time student) next week. Returning to law school is kind of like making love to your girlfriend for the first time after finding out that she never really had an orgasm all the other times you've been with her.

  • Because I'm going to be competing in a Moot Court competition this fall, I can't try out for Mock Trial. At least I have a real excuse this time.

  • As much as I'm looking forward to resuming my regular routine, I am going to miss having my own swimming pool. For me, a swimming pool is kind of like a bathtub (not that I use it as such): I don't like swimming in a pool with other people in it, unless the other people are supermodels or really good friends.

  • Gene Simmons has endorsed Rick Perry for president. Could this be the KISS of death ... or will Perry rise to it and "shock me" be winning the nomination and getting elected?

  • A lot of people have posted some really nasty comments on my YouTube videos, but I don't mind. What really hurts is when people I don't know read my blog posts but never comment on them. The whole point of a blog is that it's supposed to be a forum, people!

  • I don't begrudge President Obama for taking a vacation. Come next November, I hope the voters will send him on a permanent vacation. (By the way, I realize I'm probably not the first person to make that wisecrack, but I deliberately ignored nearly all media today so that I could delude myself into thinking it was an original witticism.)

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