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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That Damn Horse

You may have heard about Rafalca, the Oldenberg mare Ann Romney purchased with a couple of other investors, and you may have heard that Rafalca competed at the Olympics in the sport of dressage, and you may have seen or heard Loony Larry O'Donnell's ill-conceived attack on Ann Romney for saying that getting back on a horse regenerated her strength and renewed her vigor after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and you may have seen or heard about this moronic commercial that cut. What I'd like to share with you now is something my Great Aunt Johnnie emailed me yesterday:
"So the Romneys are selfish for keeping a horse? And employing a groom with a family to support. And paying for feed that’s sold by someone with a family to support and transported in trucks by someone with a family to support and manufactured in a factory by people with families to support from stuff that’s grown by farmers with families to support. And having a barn built by construction workers with families to support with materials trucked by drivers with families to support from factories with workers with families to support. Sounds to me like that one horse has done more to put Americans to work than that horse’s ass in the White House."


  1. I wonder how it would be like to have a horseback riding first family in the White House, which raises the question given how long it has been since we've seen a photo or a painting depicting the president of the United States on a horse, TR, perhaps?

    1. There's a lot of photos of Reagan at his ranch riding horseback; I thought I remembered seeing footage of George W. Bush doing same, but a cursory Google search turned up nothing.
      (Also, I think I got the Sixth Sense reference in your other comment, but I chose not to reply so as to avoid spoiling the movie for those who hadn't seen it. Interesting comparison.)