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Monday, September 3, 2012

Here It Is...Your Unofficial Democratic National Convention Bingo Card!

Some of us--and, by "Some of us," I mean I--thought it would be fun to play bingo during the Democratic National Convention, so I've created the following bingo card. If you want to play, then print it off, cut it out and find something to use as tokens.
Traditional bingo rules apply. Every time a speaker at the convention utters one of the words or phrases on the card, place a token in that square. You can make the rounds as long as you wish, though I suggest starting over at least with every new day. As I've conceived this game, you should only place a token on a square containing a term in quotes if the speaker uses that exact word/phrase. Other terms are not in quotes, and therefore players may score on them if a speaker uses some form of the word/phrase. (For example, if a speaker says, "George Bush" or "President Bush," but it is clear from the context that (s)he is referring to George W. Bush and not his father, then you can score on the box with George W. Bush's name in it.) The only additional rule I'd advise you to follow is to only play during the speeches. If a speaker uses one of the talking points while offstage--say in a TV interview--then it doesn't count, but you're free to play the game as you wish.

Finally, for those of you who might not have the patience or free time to to play the game as I've just described using the card above but like the idea, here is a simpler card. The rules for using this card differ in that you won't score when a speaker says the words/phrases in the boxes but rather when he or she makes the kind of statement or employs the kind of rhetorical device described in the box. 
 Clicking on the image should bring up a larger image. Enjoy!

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